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13 TERRIFYING eyeshades ... an omen...a sign...?

we  can't be sure, but then again, we don't walk under ladders, or step on sidewalk cracks either....

AVAILABLE ONLY ON FRIDAY THE 13TH & During the month of October

Hurry! These limited edition shades will be available for the entire month of October and then....they will disappear without a trace at the stroke of midnight, all Hallows Eve, October 31 only to reappear on every Friday the 13th!




13 supernatural shadows laden with interference color shifting pigments and intricate combinations of  duochrome hues that seem to glow when applied. 

 These creamy densely textured moist shadows cast a mystical aura that's impossible to describe -they'll remind you of mood rings (remember those?)!  So put them on, just watch out for any broken mirrors - and you can tell us what colors they really are....!


Available in:

Full Size (5g jar): 8.25

Sample: 1.00

More terrors await you...

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**Next Friday the 13th date is in April 2018!**



How to order:  Just select all the new items you want by checking the boxes, 

then click on the "Add to Bag" button at the bottom of each section to add them to your cart.

Hurry! These limited edition shades will vanish without a trace at the stroke of midnight, all Hallows Eve, October 31 

 ....But they will magically reappear EVERY Friday the 13th!

Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Tin Oxide  Some Colors May Contain: Ultramarine Blue, Ferric Ferrocyanide, Copper, Silica

Full Size: 5 gram sifter jar $8.25   |    Sample Baggie $1.00.

skeptic trepidation unlucky supernatural
this one will make a believer out of you! bright periwinkle with copper and pink iridescent color  changing fire

*not for use on lips

metallic cinnamon hued copper with golden caramel highlights and pink glow soft metallic umber-rose with glowing pink/ red iridescence golden celadon green with orange/pink iridescence and fire
Full Size     Sample Full Size     Sample Full Size      Sample Full Size     Sample

paranormal bad luck cursed spell
blue green or is it green blue?  simply put, its both and it's glistening with iridescent teal fire, too golden bronzed toffee with orange iridescence twinged with warm russet undertones  soft sage green with golden red/orange highlights and color shifting blue fire chromatic cerulean blue with green iridecent fire and aqua glow

*not for use on lips

Full Size    Sample Full Size    Sample Full Size     Sample Full Size      Sample

accident "13" fate misfortune
metallic copper lame with a dark undertone and gleaming metallic iridescent fire-Wetlines:RED! uh-oh...well, what would a friday the 13th collection be without this one?  eerily mystical, it glows green and gold with orange highlights and iridescence color shifting deep ocean blue with a subtle dark  undertone and aqua duochrome overtones metallic green/blue with gold iridescence 
Full Size     Sample Full Size      Sample Full Size      Sample Full Size      Sample

broken mirror paraskevidekatriaphobia
shiny silver with green iridescence and multicolor fire New! Limited Edition: bright iridescent aqua with green highlights. Oh by the way, paraskevidekatriaphobia means "fear of Friday the 13th".  How fun is that?  Rumor has it that if you learn to pronounce it, you're cured.     
Full Size      Sample Full Size      Sample    

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