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Our latest & greatest product offerings!


What's New!







Limit Time Only

While Supplies Last



Mythos Mattes


Mayhem Mattes

Mesmerizing Mattes

Sweet Nothings Blush

Keep your shadow on & Intensify it's color!

Glitz Glue

Eyeshadow Primers

Eyeliner Sealant



Shades of Meow

Limited Edition

Available now! - Volume V


Stripped Blush


These eight relaxed hues are easy to apply easy to wear and gorgeously simple.



panache blush


Neptune's Grotto

Wild Thing! Crystal Purse Mirror

3" of sparkly crystal wonderfulness for your purse! 







PINK, Inc.

Blush Collection



Shattered Equinox

An emotional turbulence of sultry colors brand new for Fall 2010.  Ripped from the Fashion Runways for 2010 in shades of mauve, plum, and smoky purples with unexpected "pops" of bright unexpected iridescence and highlights. 


Sunless Sea

Pure. Inspiration.

Now Available for Ordering


Wild Child Eyes


Wild Child Blush



5 all new saturated cheek hues

Indelible Gel Paints

Pink, White & Black are all eye-safe!


These are *not* recommended for use on eyes, as they were intended for face painting and special effects artistry.  We're offering a sampling of these fun paints on a trial basis.  They're going to be fantastic for Halloween, though, and you know how we feel about Halloween here at Meow . . .!!

VIP Blush

soft shimmer f/x blush



Gel Liners


By Customer Request! 


Ultra long lasting, smudge proof, waterproof, intensely pigmented liners, in a rainbow of colors.

Egyptian Treasures

New for Fall 2009!

An royally inspired collection of velvety mirror-shine metallic shadows!

[unearth them here]

Equilibrium Balancing Powder

Our newest addition to our best selling Primp & Preen line of finish and glow powders is Equilibrium!

Equilibrium, aptly named for it's unique moisture balancing and soothing properties, is our first true multi-tasking finish powder.  For dry skin, it is the ideal base coat.  For irritated skin, it is a smoothing, calming, healing base coat.  Worn overnight, it can help calm sensitive, damaged skin.  And for all skin types, it is nourishing and moisture balancing top coat with the benefits of silk powder and soothing allantoin.   Day to day, Equilibrium will serve you differently, depending on how you apply it, and what your skin's needs are.  So, how can it help you today?  

Available Now!


Masterpiece Blush


Masterpiece Blush Gallery: Our newest blush collection, uniquely formulated and unlike any other blush you've ever tried.  They're sumptuously sheer, and sweep on your cheeks invisibly, leaving only a pure wash of gorgeous colors behind!   Available in a timeless, ageless palette of classic hues and inspired by the eternal beauty of masterpiece paintings, you'll fall in love with them all! 

 Bask in their beauty right here.

Fall 2008 IdealEyes

Missed our gorgeous Fall 2008 Ideal Eyes Collection?  Find them here!


Camo-Cats C3

Color Correcting Concealers


Camo-Cats c3  Enriched with the moisture balancing and anti-inflammatory benefits of Pure Silk Powder, our Color Correcting Concealers are unlike any other mineral concealer.  They were specially formulated to color correct for a plethora of different imperfections while creating the purrrfect blank canvas for mineral foundations in the process.  





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