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Urban Legends

Seven terrifyingly beautiful grunge duochromes


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eye shades: 5 gram sifter jar / 1.6 gram net weight    $7.50

Sample Bag / 1/16 tsp $1.00



This Collection is seasonal and is only available for a limited time!




Urban Legends

Seven terrifyingly beautiful grunge duochromes 

Seven gates of brand new duochrome colors...coincidence?  We think not.  Go ahead wear all seven and live to tell the tale.



Urban Legends, silica

ingredients: Mica. May contain titanium dioxide, iron oxides, ultra marine blue, ferric ferrocyanide, tin oxides, silica

eye shades: 5 gram sifter jar / 1.6 gram net weight    $7.50

Sample Bag / 1/16 tsp $1.00 


How to order: Select items then click on the "Add to Bag" button at the bottom of the section to add them to your cart.

1 sample collection, per order please

** A word on photography:  We have tried our best to photograph these colors as accurately as possible.  It is unfortunately, impossible to truly capture their depth and complexities with a camera.   Every computer monitor will display them differently and everyone's interpretation of color is different.  For these reasons, we recommend sampling to ensure that a color is what you expect

slenderman bubak spider wig hellmouth
dark graphite blue

nude berry golden green irridecence
 grunge golden green grey
rich burgundy red plum colorshift
Full Size   sample  Full Size   sample  Full Size   sample  Full Size   sample 

Slenderman:  Tall lanky and faceless slenderman lurks in the shadows and peers into your windows at night if caught rumor has it you'll face the same deadly torment that he once did. Is it based in truth or just an internet legend? You decide!

Bubak:  A scarecrow? Not at all. The Bubak cries like a baby to attract it's victims. Then he weaves cloth from their souls and drives a cart pulled by…cats!

Spider Wig:  So you're planning your Halloween costume…so was she legend says this creative young woman assembled a great costume from her grandmothers attic. Though her head was a little itchy her costume looked great at least until other party goers started to scream and point. Her beautiful antique wig was actually a long tangled mass of spiders. Let it never be said that we never helped you with costume ideas.

Hellmouth:  Hellam, PENNSYLVANIA: Some say this quiet township in York Pennsylvania is home to the seven gates of hell. It is said that the gates were once used to detain escapees from an insane asylum only the first gate can be seen in daylight and no one has ever passed beyond the fifth gate and returned to tell about it. Could this be a hellmouth? Though the county denies the legend would you be brave enough to find out for yourself.


snallygaster Suscon screamer devil tree  
duochrome golden swampy green
apparition blue silver lilac colorshift
dark leafy green dark bark brown colorshift
Full Size   sample  Full Size   sample  Full Size   sample 

Snallygaster:   Washington, D.C. and Frederick County, Maryland: Imagine a reptilian like beast sometimes with octopus tentacles and razor sharp metallic beak and claws swooping down from the sky to snatch it's human prey. As the story goes you'll hear the loud train like screeching just before the attack. Do you believe it? We're not sure but we're afraid to look up to the sky.

Suscon Screamer:  Luzerne County Pennsylvania, a great mystery lurks under the Susquehanna Railroad Bridge. The pained screaming is undeniable the real question is who is doing the screaming…some say it's a jilted bride who hung herself on her wedding day. Or is it a mother and child who died in a horrible accident in a rush to the hospital or could it be a teen killed on her prom night and still unable to hitch a ride home? Whichever story you believe go there and listen for her and you just might see her ghostly apparition wondering in the nearby woods...if you dare.

Devil Tree:
  Bernards Township New Jersey: legend has it that a farmer murdered his entire family and then hung himself in what is now known as the devil tree. Since then many suicides and murders have occurred under it's branches It’s trunk is now scarred with evidence of all the attempts to cut it down over the years. None have succeeded and the tree now stands alone in the middle of a large field.





**we've done our best to photograph these complicated colors, but like beauty, color is in the eye of the beholder...we always recommend purchasing samples first!

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This Collection is seasonal and is only available for a limited time!




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